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iPhone Repair Services

Cracked Screen

Performing screen repairs on cracked iPhone screens is our specialty. Not only is a cracked screen prone to further damage, but also the very small shards of glass can cut your finger or ear during use. These are some of the main reasons why we urge customers to get their screenreplaced as soon as possible. We especially urge this for younger iPhone users. Additionally, the LCD can get damaged from physical damage which may result in colored lines or distortion permeating the phone screen. Our experienced technicians have the capability to replace both typically within 20 minutes.


Water Damage

A water damaged iPhone needs to be treated on a “case-by-case” basis. Depending on how long the phone has been wet, the extent of the water spread, and the usage after the water damage, our technicians have the tools to identify exactly how and if the iPhone can be fixed. A water damaged iPhone should be repaired as soon as possible and not turned on or plugged into a charger in case of the event it may be short-circuited.


Broken Speaker

If you are unable to hear or are receiving calls that sound muffled, your iPhone may have a broken speaker. We also urge customers to come into the store for a speaker repair as soon as possible to prevent a speaker not working during an important phone call or in the event of an emergency.


No Signal

There are multiple reasons why your iPhone may not be receiving signal. Our technicians often find that phone carriers and Apple stores may not have the necessary tools on-hand to solve these problems right away, so Orada Tech prepares to solve no signal issues. These are also important to repair in the event of emergencies and even billing issues.


Broken Buttons

iPhone home buttons often break as a result from physical damage. Being able to navigate through your phone is important, and the best time to get it fixed is today.


Dead Battery

Even iPhone batteries have a lifespan. Did you know you can view your battery’s performance through your iPhone’s settings? Over time, iPhone batteries deteriorate and don’t perform as they did when your device was new. iPhone battery deterioration increases exponentially over time, so our technicians encourage you to get a battery replacement as soon as you can.


Charging Port Replacement

If your iPhone is not charging properly, your iPhone might be due for a charging port replacement. iPhone users often see an immediate difference, in terms of charging, after our technicians replace their charging port.


Data Recovery

Our phones have become an extension of our lives, storing countless valuable data such as family photos, apps, work documents, and more. In the event that your iPhone dies, you may not be able to access the data stored on your device. Orada Tech can assist you ensure your data is backed up to a cloud storage or external physical hard drive properly so that you can have peace of mind.



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