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Our technicians are experts in repairing all types of issues with popular game consoles. Let us diagnose your device for FREE today.

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Game Console Repair Services

Screen Replacement

On many Handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo DS, the PS Vita, and more, the screen may become damaged. A damaged screen is important to repair, especially for children, because micro shards of glass could cut the user. Just like cell phones, if you see “lines” or distortions on your screen this could mean that your device has a broken LCD. Orada Tech specializes in screen replacements; come by today!


Console Cleaning

Some game systems may not work properly when they are dirty or dusty. Material can enter the inner components of the device resulting in a variety of issues that can be solved by mechanically taking apart the console and cleaning it with canned-air or by hand. Our expert technicians are highly skilled at this type of repair.


Hard Drive & Motherboard Replacement

A game console’s motherboard or hard drive may become full or compromised in which case Orada Tech can replace these components. Stop by today for our technicians to diagnose your game console!


Blue-Ray Replacement

Consoles, such as the Playstation consoles, that have Blu-Ray capabilities can become damaged. After diagnosing your console, our technicians have the tools and expertise to replace these components so that you can continue to play video games and watch movies.


DVD ROM Drive Replacement

Consoles, such as the Xbox consoles, may experience damage in which a DVD ROM drive is required to be replaced. Stop by today for our technicians to diagnose your game console!


Liquid or Water Damaged Game Console

Just like many other devices, water-damaged game consoles are important to get fixed as soon as possible. Liquid can damage and even rust out some of the internal components of the console which can lead to permanent damage. When your game console gets wet, immediately unplug/disconnect your device and do not power it on, as this can lead to short-circuiting.


Other Repairs

Issues such as the "rings of death" on your Xbox or "yellow lights" on your Playstation are also issues that we can help you with. Bring your game console to Orada Tech today to get it fixed!



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