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A broken phone, tablet, or computer is prone to further damage. Let an expert Orada Technicianfix it before it’s too late.

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"A broken device is more prone to further damage.
Let Orada Technicians fix it before it's too late."

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"Extremely helpful, with better-than-competition price & turnaround time. They also take great pride in their work and have excellent customer service." -Beth Meier

"Great prices, speedy service, friendly staff. Would highly recommend" -SD

"Fast repair and great service. Best of the best and affordable too!" -F Dod

Who We Are

Our experience is what sets us apart

We are Orada Tech, the number one trusted source in Hazlet for iPhone repair, tablet repair,and computer repair. When you need any kind of device repaired, Orada Tech has you covered.Serving Hazlet and the surrounding areas, we provide individuals and businesses with aneffective and trusted solution to device management problems. Whether you are looking to getyour phone screen fixed in a hurry, or you own a business and you want to find a phone andtablet repair partner to help keep things running smoothly on the device-end, Orada Tech is thebest choice.

At Orada Tech, we pride ourselves on having the finest device repair and training services in thebusiness. We simply have a much higher standard of workmanship than your typical mall kiosk,and honestly, they can’t match our customer service and prices, either. We have been doing thisfor a long time now, and the amount of experience and talent we have gained is almost immeasurable. When you have Orada Tech do your device repair, you get the kind ofconsistency and top-tier quality that you would expect from one of the top device repair servicesin the market right now. Don't stop by a sub-par kiosk to get your phone repairs done--CallOrada Tech Phone Repair instead!

So if you are looking to get a really great iPhone repair service, and you are located in or aroundthe Hazlet area, you don’t need to look any further than Orada Tech Phone Repair. Contact us ifyou would like to hear more about the services we offer and our pricing options.


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