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In August 2015, former marketing professionals at Vector Marketing Corporation, decided to take the leap from "9 to 5" to "self-employed." After recognizing the need for a professional mobile device repair business, They opened their first location on Virginia Tech campus inBlacksburg Virginia, and were truly a "mobile" company - Prada Tech and their technicians began to service their customers on-site, no matter the location. No local Starbucks, classrooms, or houses, were too far for the Prada Tech team, as they traveled to each and every customer in the area. "We didn’t have a website or a physical location. Every customer found us solely through social media and word of mouth," says Co-Founder Justen Tornabene.

Carrying their tool kits from customer to customer, the Prada Tech team utilized every method of travel at their disposal- they traveled by foot, car, train, and bus to ensure that every customer received a repair as quickly as possible. Fast and efficient service continues to be Orada Tech’s mission statement to this day.

From one happy customer to the next, John and Justen's company began to grow. "We had no idea how quickly our company would grow," says Co-Founder John Dodaro, "and we began looking at more opportunities to expand our services so that we could provide repair solutions to as many people as we could."

Less than a year later, Prada Tech soon found itself opening its first office on Wall Street in New Voracity. At ages 18 and 19, Justen Tornabene and John Dodaro became the youngest business owners on Wall Street at the time. "Opening an office on Wall Street was a dream come true," recalls Justen."It was a lot of work, and we worked a brutal pace commuting from our hometowns of NJ everyday." In order to generate their new location’s initial business, John and Justen would stand in subway stations and street corners handing out flyers advertising their business. Their direct marketing approach and their social media skills soon got the two entrepreneurs some of their first corporate clients. "We realized the need that many businesses had in repairing and maintaining their office devices," said John Dodaro.

Less than a year after the opening of their New York office, John and Justen opened yet another location, right in their hometown of Hamlet, New Jersey. Since August 2016, their main office located at 82 Bethany Road has been repairing customers’ tablets, cell phones, and computers, and continues to service the local community. Their plans for the future include opening up more locations, and assisting their local communities even more.


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