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Orada Tech repairs all brands of computers, desktops, and PCs not only for consumers but for companies and schools too. We classify computer repair into four categories, hardware repair, software repair, liquid damage repair, and performance repair.

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Desktop/ PC Repair Services

Hard Drive Replacement

In the event that your hard drive on your desktop or PC gets damaged, Orada Tech has the tools and knowledge to replace your hard drive. The hard drive of your computer contains the data of your device and can lead to a variety of other issues if not fixed correctly, even if most of your data is on a cloud-based storage system.


RAM Upgrade, SSD Upgrade, and Memory Upgrade

Not enough memory on your desktop or PC? Orada Tech can help install a new SSD and upgrade your RAM. RAM stands for "random access memory" and is the amount of data that you can store in a hard drive or SSD. Too much memory and not enough capacity can lead to problems such as a slow computer, error messages, and glitches. When a computer's memory is full, new data can not be stored, so it is important to solve this issue before it happens.


Data Recovery

In the unfortunate event that your desktop or PC has issues with accessing or even losing memory, Orada Tech can help. Pictures, work files, school reports, and more are important data to have on your computer and can sometimes be lost permanently. Stop by Orada Tech today to see how our technicians can assist you!


Data Backup

Orada Tech recommends backing up the data on your desktop or PC as soon as possible, and making sure the correct protocols are in place to ensure the safety of your data for all our customers; whether they have a new or old computer. Data that is not properly backed up to an external drive or cloud storage (Orada Tech does both), can belost permanently in the event of a dead computer. Come in today to get peace of mind and to protect your data!


Data Transfer

Customers who purchase a new desktop and want the data from their previous PC, transferred to their new desktop, would receive a data transfer. Orada Tech’s methods for data transfer are smooth and careful to make sure that no data is lost in the process. Some second-rate repair stores may not be as careful with your data as our skilled technicians are.


Liquid Damage Repair

Water or other liquids that have spilled onto your desktop or PC can result in a variety of issues that your computer may experience. Our 4-step method of repairing a liquid or water-damaged computer can get your computer back to working as good as new depending on the damage. It is important to make sure that a water-damaged desktop or PC are repaired as quickly as possible to ensure that none of the inner components of the computer get damaged, short-circuited, or even rusted, as these problems can result in computers that are not fixable.


Performance Repair

Orada Tech classifies a performance repair on a desktop or PC as a type of repair that deals with the computer's speed, security, and overall operability. These performance repairs include, but are not limited to, requiring a tune-up, a virus removal, virus protection, or child protection.



One of the more common repairs that Orada Tech deals with, a tune-up on a desktop or PC, can increase the speed and operability of your computer. If your PC is slow or unresponsive, you might need a quick tune-up!


Virus Removal

If your PC or desktop become infected with a virus, Orada Tech can help contain and eliminate the virus. Sometimes computer users are not even aware that their computer has a virus! A computer virus can result in slowing the speed of your PC and decreasing its overall operability. We recommend that you get a computer virus removed as quickly as possible!


Virus Protection

Your PC or desktop may be rid of computer viruses, however that doesn’t mean that a virus will never infect your computer again! Let Orada Tech install virus protection to keep your computer safe from malicious and damaging viruses that may infect your computer.


Child Protection

If your child or student has a desktop or PC, they might be vulnerable to explicit material that roams the web through no-fault of their own. Orada Tech’s child protection software protects the computer user from these materials, and is great for work devices as well!



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