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4 Reasons behind the Screen Flickering Problem Plaguing iPhones

Display-related problems on the iPhone such as black screen, screen freezing, and screen flickering are more common that you would imagine. This is especially true for the iPhone 6 and 6+ variants. Display related issues can render your phone useless making it sometimes impossible for you to use your phone for days at a time. If you have been experiencing a similar problem on your iPhone, take it to the best mobile phone repair service to get the issue resolved quickly. On your visit, you should be aware of the possible reasons for the screen problem. Here are 4 which might be the culprit behind the screen flickering problem on your iPhone-

  • Hardware Problems - The presence of a damaged hardware component – particularly those within the display circuit board – is usually the primary culprit in most iPhone devices. The component might have got damaged due to a hard drop or exposure to liquid. In the case of hardware damage, the best way to fix the screen flickering issue is to visit an affordable phone screen repair store near you and let a professional technician address the problem.

  • Buggy Updates or Corrupted Contents - Buggy updates or corrupt contents can result in applications misbehaving post installation, causing your iPhone’s screen to flicker. The same problem can occur when certain changes to the apps settings are made, particularly those related to display functions or screen resolutions.

  • Memory Issues - When your iPhone is running extremely low on memory or there is insufficient storage, several problems can occur including those associated with the display performance. The apps may start to lag. The display may become unresponsive at times. Sometimes, the device is unable to render precise display of High-Definition (HD) multimedia content including images and videos.

  • Camera Glitches or Configuration Errors - Screen flickering can also be a result of camera glitches or configuration errors. Some iPhone users have experienced display abnormalities, such as visible gray lines on the upper portion of the phone display. According to user complaints, these symptoms generally show up when iPhone users are switching between various camera modes while capturing photos or recording a video with the iPhone pre-installed camera app. Some users have also complained about experiencing flickering when they are recording a video through the front camera.

Display issues whether they are damaged screen problems or screen flickering can be annoying and hard to deal with. Let technicians at Orada Tech address your problems related to Apple products and provide you with the appropriate solution in a time-effective manner.